The Capitelles path

This natural trail was named Capitelles path beacause it leads the walkers towards typical dry stones shelters called Capitelle. They are descibed and illustrated in this page.





 The word Capitelle is essentially in connection with corbelled vault constructions : every stone overtakes the one who support her and is propped up by bigger stones which are counterweights.

Most of them were made in the 19th century which corresponds to a significant population increase, an agriculture and a pastoralism return.

The shape of the stone shelter and of its door depend especially on the inspiration of the manufacturer who was a shepherd or a farmer before being a mason.









The walker will also discover walls supporting terrace previously cultivated called « faïsses », huts of vineyards and their stone heaps (« clapas »), remnant of the vernacular heritage.

For more than one hour you can stroll on this path and plunge into the atmosphere of the farmers former life.

A brochure is at your disposal at the office or at the Courniou’s city hall to guide you along the 13 spots of the path.